World-class talent and proven development processes
allow us to deliver advanced technology solutions at a great value.
The applications produced on behalf of its customers combine
the best of both custom and off-the-shelf software. This affords
our clients the opportunity to build "custom" and implement "standard".
The total cost of ownership for software created in this manner is reduced,
while functionality and maintainability are enhanced.
We are a young team having excellent educational background
coupled with their valuable experience with leading software companies
gives its technical strength.

ERP Solutions

ERP is principally an integration of business management practices and modern technology. We have success stories in integrating information technology with the core business processes of a corporate house to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives.

System Application Development

Our solutions are based on latest software technologies. We make our software reliable and user-friendly. Our team follows standard software development processes and as a result we are able to stick to timelines and schedules of clients.

Web Development

Our experience, coupled with our quality consciousness has helped us grow into a leading offshore web design and development company with a highly satisfied domestic international clientele. Our affordable tariff, continuous professionalism and individual approach to every client make us the best choice for all kinds of web services and business developments

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ERP Solution

We Organise and integrate your business in our application to manage and automate functions related to technology and services.

  • Stock Management

    Our system give you the capability to monitor changes in customer demand, and track input costs for improved production capabilities. This will increase purchasing efficiency and reduce delays in new orders. It will also allow your employees to access up-to-date and reliable information on current inventory, thus achieving complete inventory control.

  • Production Management

    Our system help you to flexibly manage your manufacturing resources and Optimize your production flow. It will increase your production efficiency and get real-time insight into production. System also improve performance with flexible routings and Monitor production costs with ease.

  • Sales Management

    We’ve built a system that’s great not only for salespeople, but also anyone wanting to get super organized and close deals in less time. Our sytem is easy to use, simple to learn, intuitive, customizable providing good sales reporting with good looking visual.

  • Delivery Management

    Providing a critical platform service as part of the on-demand stack is where swift fits in this growing trend. Our sytem provides real time fleet tracking, easily assign and manage orders. Better relationship with you customers and helps to manage your deliveries. It also reduce staffing overheads.

  • Customer Management

    Our system allows you to quickly track customer orders, update profile information and record sales figures. By increasing the speed of transactions and providing customers with up-to-date inventory information, you will increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and capture more revenue in the long term.

  • Employee Management

    Our system reduces the burden from both employees and HR with its easy-to-use modules that makes workforce management much more agile and efficient. It helps HR store all the necessary details related to employees, like educational qualifications, contact details, emergency contacts and job profiles, at the click of a button.